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Cheap Thrills: The Naughty Nurse

ITEM #: 103028

She was not only good for the patients...she was good to them.

Cheap Thrills the Naughty Nurse pussy stroker amazingly life like design means the ultimate in sensual pleasure. with this deliciously silky, plush experience, you will want more, and more. Easy to use and easy to clean, this beautiful product is maintenance free and requires no special care. Perfect look, perfect feel, almost like the real thing! A perfect fit is all yours with this stretchy and comfortable delight. the erotic stroker has an inviting super tight parted lips opening and an internal chamber that delivers intense suction and satisfaction. To experience ultimate ecstasy, slide your shaft deep inside and allow the pliable chamber to engulf you!



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Cheap Thrillsâ„¢The Naughty Nurse