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ON: Ultra Arousal for Her

ITEM #: 16492

ON Arousal Oil ULTRA For Her is a powerful botanical formula free from menthol or L'Argenine but containing natural ingredients including cinnamon and almond oil which when applied to the clitoris heightens sensitivity by increasing blood flow to the area. This means more pleasure for her!

Apply just 1-2 drops onto the tip of the finger and massage into the clitoris. Experience your nerve endings awakening and a mild buzzing feeling after just a few moments. This unique sensation can be felt for up to 45 minutes after application.

Use ON Arousal Oil For Her if you struggle to achieve orgasm. It can be extremely helpful for women that are going through hormonal changes have had a hysterectomy or if taking medication that can have an effect on libido levels. It can even help some women increase their amount of personal lubrication which can lead to healthier more comfortable sex without having to use a formulated lubricant.

Contains .17oz (5ml)



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"Very nice tingling sensation lasts 15 minutes at full power, then about 25 minutes longer as it tapers off. If you haven't tried the original yet, do that first - this one may be too intense for some"

ON Arousal Ultra for Her