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ON: Arousal Oil for Her

ITEM #: 16471

More than just a warming oil, “On” is an exciting product that uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create a safe natural arousal effect. It is designed to naturally stimulate the clitoris to bring arousal and can aid the release of the body’s natural lubrication. This is a natural product and “On” does not contain harsh preservatives, L-Arginine, parabens or menthols nor does it contain perfumes or artificial flavoring.

After applying 1-2 drops onto your clitoris gently massage the clitoris with your finger to help the natural oils of “On” penetrate the skin.
Within a minute or two you will be “On!”.

You should feel a warming sensation followed by a tingly almost electric buzzing or pulsating stimulation that increases arousal and induces natural lubrication. As arousal is increased, orgasm is often achieved more easily and enjoyed with greater intensity!

Contains .17oz (5ml)



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"Very nice tingling sensation lasts 15 minutes at full power, then about 25 minutes longer as it tapers off. Highly recommend."

ON Arousal (Her)